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AZHP Gears of War 4 2v2 Tournaments



Lots of people play Gears but networking between local players is minimal.
A while back, the "Arizona Gears of War Community" was created on Facebook and "@AZGearsofWar" Twitter was set up to help promote the local scene.

Our job as tournament organizers is to run and promote events and get people networked within the scene.

If you know anyone who is interested in competitive Gears, please take 1 minute and send them the following links:

Link to provide to this page for entirety of information =


1. Join the Arizona Gears of War Community group on Facebook and post
2. Tweet stating you're a free agent & mention @AZGearsofWar and you'll get retweeted


-----EVENT DATES----- 



Cyber Zone Internet Cafe
4153 W Thunderbird Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Nearby food in walking distance:
King Gyros, Daddy-O's Grill, McDonalds, Blimpie, Charley's Place, Paesano Italian Cuisine


Any powdered drink is not allowed unless you're buying the water for it on venue.
You are allowed to bring in food, but it can't be snack food such as chips/sweets/etc 
Buy drinks and snacks on site and support the venue that allows us to hold the event.  





11:00am - Location Opens and Casuals Start
01:00pm - Tournament Starts
2:00am - Location Closes 

*We will be strict on start time as we MUST BE DONE by 2am. If you are late for signup, you will not be able to participate.


-----LIVE STREAM-----

Events will be live streamed on all of the following services at the same time:

540p Facebook:
720p Hitbox:
720p Twitch:
720p YouTube:




Registration Fee*: $10 per player 
Tournament Entry Fee: $10 per player
(Simplified: Each individual will pay a combined $20 per person)

*Registration fee goes towards the venue (Cyber Zone) and to the tournament organizer (AZHP Gaming)

1st place team receives 70% of entry fees. 2nd place team receives 30% of entry fees.




Format: 2v2 Double Elimination (Must lose twice to be eliminated), 2/3 Games, Grand Finals is 3/5 Games. May include Winners/Losers Finals as 3/5 games depending on time and if agreed upon by all competitors.

Competitive rulesets will be reviewed and determined. Will be based upon current professional standard.

Monitors: We use the ASUS VH236H aka the "Evo monitor". It is currently rated tied for the 2nd lowest latency LCD ever produced to mass market. For more information on low latency displays check and their tested monitor database

Controllers: You may either use one of AZHP's custom controllers with pro buttons (A & B) via Evil Controllers or you may bring your own. Control paddle mods and/or buttons and trigger stop mods are legal. Rapid fire mods are not legal. Adapters for using another system's controller must be cleared in advance of the event by AZHP Gaming. If using a PS4 to XB1 adapter, we recommend the Brook Accessory adapter.

Headsets: Headsets are your responsibility. 

You must provide your own way of getting audio from the game and any communication with teammate(s). The monitors we use have a standard 3 pole headphone jack (3.5mm) output on the back of the monitor that allows you to hear the game volume with any standard headphones. This headphone jack does not work with a microphone and is only an audio passthrough via HDMI. If you want to be able to communicate with your teammate, you must bring your own mixamp/headset combo. Alternatively, we also have tournament mixers on site you can use. Read below for more info.

We will have two Earforce TM1 Tournament Mixers on site to use if needed. 
They are compatible with multiple types of headsets including any Turtle Beach headset with the 9-pin DIMM connector, and any headset that uses a standard 3 pole mic (pink) and standard 3 pole stereo headphones (green). The USB ports on the front of the TM1 are a direct passthru signal to the console. You can't utilize the knobs and audio adjustments on the TM1 if you are using the passthru USB.
If you have a headset with 4 poles and you'd like to utilize the TM1, you can use one of our "Y Adapter" or "PC Adapter" cables. These cables are also available from a headset manufacturer such as Astro or Turtle Beach. Make sure if you do purchase a Y Adapter/PC Adapter you are getting one with the correct Male or Female ends. See example photo here for examples of 3 pole and 4 pole 3.5mm connectors. 
If you'd like to download the users manual of the TM1 to read more on how it works, click HERE and it will download from the Turtle Beach website.

It is your own responsibility to make sure you are aware of how the headset system works on LAN/System Link and to have any needed equipment for a daisy chain if you are not using our TM1 mixers.

Profiles: For the convenience of the live stream, the commentators, and to give you credit for your performance, we want you to be able to use your alias/gamername at our events. We ask you to either download your existing profile on our systems at the event (please use passkey/password etc), or create a new account with your alias/gamername that you can use. Do not use someone else's account or name while playing as that isn't fair to that individual. The use of an incorrect account or someone else's account during a match may result in the round being forfeited.
If you have been preapproved to bring a console with a digital copy, make sure you use a new Microsoft account with your alias/gamertag to prevent players being kicked from the game during matches when you sign in elsewhere.


If you have further questions that are not answered above, feel free to contact us via social media.