AZHP has provided both casual and tournament video gaming services at major events and conventions for over ten years (Click HERE to see our event history). We are looking for bright, energetic, and motivated individuals to join our team of video gaming staff. Please keep in mind staffing with AZHP Gaming is an unpaid volunteer position.


Being an AZHP Gaming Staff member includes:



- Inform team of your event and hotel attendance status in a private staff area on the web.
- Attend several live meetings/training sessions per year.
- Prepare, test, and organize equipment for use at event.
- Training on software including tournament organizers, spreadsheets, gaming emulators, video and audio editors and much more.
- Voicing opinions and suggestions on how to improve our operations.


Hands-on experience including:
- video resolution and input latency with audio/video cord connection types, and HD Box Pros
- monitors, televisions, projectors and projection screens
- recording devices such as webcams, camcorder, and camera operations
- live streaming hardware and software
- consoles, personal computers, and arcade machines
- pad hacking and soldering PCBs for console and arcade sticks
- friendly competition, skill, and sportsmanship
- general business and networking skills
- working in a team environment with a chain of command


- Staff half of each day at event.
- Run tournaments with organization software while using microphone and amplifier
- Recording footage for live stream equipment 
- Helping provide service to gaming systems/games for attendees 
- Watching over gaming systems/games/controllers to prevent theft and misuse
- Maintain a fun, professional and positive attitude toward attendees


- Free staff ticket attendance to the convention 
- Possible reduced hotel room cost or free stay during the convention 
- Working with a fun, knowledgeable and outgoing staff with video games 
- Socializing with a massive amount of other gamers in the community 
- Leadership and organization experience 
- Videography and Photography experience and credit 
- Learn important customer service skills
- Appreciation from AZHP Gaming Staff members, Convention Staff members and attendees
- Personal skill levels at games will increase due to increased competitive gaming


- Obtain free or discount equipment such as electronics, systems, games, video game promotional materials, XBL/Wii/PSN Cards and more!
- Experience that you can put on a resume for career or job that represents leadership, organization and socialization skills. 


If you are interested in helping provide a quality service for Anime/Comic/Game fans of Arizona while learning valuable skills, then contact us listing your contact information and why you think you are qualified for the position.
Please don't apply if you wish to only staff one specific convention, as we are looking for staff members that like to attend and help out at multiple conventions per year.

We ask for a free form letter rather than having you fill out an application, so that we can judge your current level of knowledge and professionalism; so do your best to impress.

Please send inquiries to azhpgaming[at][gmaildotcom]


AZHP Gaming Founder/Co-Owner