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AZHP is a business that provides Console, Arcade, and PC Video Gaming services at events and conventions in the US including organizing, promoting, staffing and running tournaments.


2005- "Hobbyists Forum" (HF) was an ambitious project to fill the void of a lacking hobby Arizona community scene with a system allowing members of the local geek community to communicate with others as well as plan for and create events. 

2006- Large community growth was supported by a website, an upgraded forum system and public gatherings. Renamed "Hobbyists Paradise" (HP), meeting local people with similar interests was easier than ever. Members staffing, organizing and attending events such as conventions, culture festivals, hobby shop events, house parties and mini-gatherings helped provide activity in the local hobby scene. In just two years time, the small forum evolved to be the premier hobby community of Arizona where all local geeks went to communicate with others.

2007- Now known as "Arizona Hobbyists Paradise" (AZHP), we provided a load of video production content from local events along with a redesign of the website, a photo/file gallery, and calendar of events. This was the height of our community popularity as we averaged over 140 new posts on the PHPBB forum each day and there were community run events almost every weekend.

2008- Providing small volunteer video gaming services at events and conventions from previous years (2006 and 2007) opened up new doors on a much larger scale and allowed us to network with gamers all around the state. Now providing these gaming services became a staple of what AZHP provided to local geeks and we began getting recognized specifically for our work running these gaming rooms.

2009- We had many difficulties dealing with dwindling activity on a community level due to the spike in activity through Facebook but with increased activity providing video gaming services around the state, an evolution was necessary.  Letting go of what we had accomplished in the past was challenging on both a personal and emotional level.

2010- This was the year AZHP switched all focus to video gaming services and video production at events and conventions. Now operating in full force with gaming, we were able to provide bigger and better quality of equipment and services than ever before.

2011- During our 2nd year of focusing only on our video gaming services, we attended and staffed nearly every geek related convention in the state. With our growing supply of professional equipment and our experienced staff we surprised both casual and hardcore players. 

2012- Keeping the same acronym "AZHP" the business was renamed to "Arcade Zone Hard Punch". All aspects of AZHP operating as a social networking community was left behind while larger steps were taken towards professionalism in gaming and a business as a whole. Large adjustments included going from a sole owner to a partnership, purchasing more professional equipment, and being contracted to provide equipment and experience for a major fighting game tournament along with the customary anime and comic conventions. Partnerships were also made with Aqua Red Clothing, Boson Inc, Evil Controllers, and the University of Advancing Technology, cementing our commitment to growth with other companies related to the geek community. Top fighting game players such as Angelic, Forward, and Fizzykups were also sponsored by AZHP for an out of state major, showing commitment to supporting the players in the video gaming community.

2013- We provided gaming at 32 events in the 52 weeks of 2013 in 3 states including 12 conventions, 11 Call of Duty tournaments, 5 Fighting Game Tournaments and 4 Midnight Launches. Once again showing commitment to giving back to the players of the hardcore community, we sponsored four Call of Duty players TSobe96, iBurlyy and the twin CoD girls Wulfuhnite and Valuhnite. Partnerships were made with Anomaly Arcade Sticks, Aqua Red Clothing, Evil Controllers, The Gaming Zone, The Microsoft Store, Nos Energy, and the University of Advancing Technology providing promotion for businesses and prize support for tournament winners. We also expanded our equipment list to include over 10 arcade machines. Rather than hire others to do live streaming for us, we began our own production of live streaming on our Twitch as of July and streamed over 14 events from July to December.  Our founder quit his full time job in August and worked exclusively to grow AZHP Gaming and the gaming communities including founding the Arizona Call of Duty Community on Facebook. This allowed our biggest and busiest year of activity and made a huge difference in growth of AZHP Gaming and the communities we provided for.

2014- The struggle of running a business full time with no normal 9-5 job for financial security was rough for our founder but was positive overall and allowed necessary growth. We managed to run even more events in 2014 than we did in 2015 with a total number of 35 events in the 52 weeks of the year. 13 of the events were at conventions in 10 different cities and 2 different states. 2014 was also the first time we ran a Ranbats series (Ranked Battles) which we did for the local Call of Duty community and helped network players with others. We were sponsored by more companies this year including the return of sponsors Aqua Red Clothing, and Evil Controllers. New sponsors jumped on board from the likes of Brokentier, Elgato, Endgame, GamerGloves, Jesse James Comics, Paradise Arcade Shop, and Playseat. These new sponsored allowed us to further the quality of service we provide at events as well with new and exciting equipment. Also attempting to further opportunities for competitive players, we sponsored Tubazo1989 (Street Fighter, Marvel, and BlazBlue player), and K9SBruce (Super Smash Bros player) and helped them with equipment via our sponsors and some travel funds to further their experiences. 

2015- A 2nd partner was added for AZHP Gaming to expand further into what could be provided to events and to expand in a shorter period of time. We ran video gaming at 26 events in 2015 which was a drop in total number of events from the previous years, but were able to provide a better quality experience at those events than we have in the past. We took our Japanese SEGA Blast City "candy cabs" to almost every convention, and ran our 2nd year of Ranbats for the Call of Duty community and the first year of Ranbats for the Mortal Kombat community. We also acquired a ton of the new consoles in which games were beginning to run competitively on. 

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