Hosting AZ Call of Duty Ghosts Ranbats v1

Arizona Call of Duty Community
Ranbats are coming soon! AZHP Gaming realizes how important Ranbats will be to the community, and is looking forward to providing high-quality events for the new season. We hope to see everyone out, competing and having a good time!

Event dates:

v1.1 - Sat Mar 01 - Cyber Zone in Phoenix

v1.2 - Sat Mar 15 - Gaming Zone in Tempe

v1.3 - Sat Mar 29 - Cyber Zone in Phoenix

v1.4 - Sat Apr 05 - Cyber Zone in Phoenix

v1.5 - Sat Apr 19 - Cyber Zone in Phoenix

v1.6 - Sat May 03 - Gaming Zone in Tempe

v1.7 - Sat May 17 - Cyber Zone in Phoenix

Details of the events can be seen on our Ranbat Tournament Info & Details page

Discuss details of this event in the Arizona Call of Duty Community group on Facebook!