We at AZHP Gaming want to give hard working & talented individuals an opportunity to grow on multiple levels including being able to participate in tournaments, create content, grow a fan base on social media, and generally improve you as a brand and as an individual. We are limited in what we are able to provide so we are only able to sponsor a limited number of players for both the fighting game communities and the shooter communities. Due to our hands on approach to player growth, we are only looking at players who have the ability to attend our current and future events and meet in person on a somewhat consistent basis at our HQ in Phoenix, Arizona. We won't exclude the possibility of sponsoring players outside of Arizona in the future, but for now it's not in our game plan.


If you are looking to be a sponsored player from AZHP Gaming, you should have a few things prepared:

1- Attendance and placing record of every tournament you have attended.
If you don't have this already, you need to make it. We want to know how often you've traveled/attended events and how well you've performed. If there are records of these wins on official websites, provide the links to prove the placings.

2- Lists of likes/followers and URL links to all social media networks (Facebook/Twitter/Twitch/YouTube/Instagram etc)
Online marketing is one of the most important offerings from a player or content creator. We are willing to work with you to help improve your numbers, but we want to consistent activity and steady growth. This growth will also help you long after you are no longer sponsored by AZHP Gaming.

3- A good sales pitch. 
What is our ROI (Return on investment) if we spend time to deal/manage you, give you product support, or give you monetary support? Even if you are able to promote AZHP Gaming and represent us well, are you able to explain to us how you can do that?

4- Personality and professionalism.
Are you outgoing and likable? Do you jump at the chance to play or commentate on stream? Do you represent yourself well without trash talk, drama, or offensive remarks? Do you promote yourself well? Are you a positive person? Having a IDGAF attitude, using homophobic, racist, or sexist remarks, or generally being an asshole is not likely going to net you a sponsorship. Having a professional, mature attitude can net you a sponsorship. Even if you have a desire to pop off or complain about something to the public, you must have enough self control to know it will not help your image in any fashion. 

5-  Created content on Twitch and/or YouTube.
Even if you are not a content creator and focus on being a high level competitive gamer, you should still be creating content to grow your social media base and interact with your fan base.

6- Willingness to grow in all aspects.
There WILL be aspects of your game that will need improvement. Whether it is getting better at character matchups in a fighting game, keeping the communications clear and precise in a team based shooter, learning how to video edit, or finding topics to post about on Twitter, you will face challenges. Part of our hands on approach is helping you improve in these variable aspects. You should be willing to accept new ideas and suggestions in a professional constructive criticism manner and enact them without being dismissive. Some of these changes may make the game less "fun", but there are always sacrifices that need to be made. Even if you have your dream job, there will still be aspects of that dream job that aren't fun.

7- Quality work outside of gaming.
We want to you to not only be good at gaming, but good at life. If you are in high school or college, we want to see that you are getting good marks across the board. If you are working a job, you should be getting good reviews. Most sponsors will only care about gaming and getting their name out, we want you to improve your life and those around you as well. We do not want you to focus so much on gaming that it consumes and ruins parts of your life causing you to pick up the pieces after the sponsorship period is over. After all is said and done, if the sponsorship isn't renewed, if you move on to a bigger sponsor, or decide to focus on a different path, we want the experience you received to have been positive and to not hold you back from being happy.

If you'd like to be sponsored by AZHP Gaming, you can send detailed information to our email address. The presentation value of your email shows us how much you are interested so do your best to impress!