AZHP FGC Ranbats 2017 v3 feat SFV GGXR & BBCF





Our 3rd season of running a FGC Ranbats season is here. The Gaming Zone does a great job of supporting the local AZ FGC and we're happy to be able to switch off with them every few months for FGC Ranbats seasons and continue to provide a quality experience for the FGC as we attempt to do with all competitive communities in our local area. 

We hope to not only help provide hype events for the existing community members to grow and improve their game, but also help get new members to come in and be welcome within the community. 

Resources for individual gaming communities on the games we'll be running are: 
Arizona Fighting Game Community
Arizona Airdashers 3.0

Link to provide to this page for entirety of information =





Cyber Zone Internet Cafe
4153 W Thunderbird Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Nearby food in walking distance:
King Gyros, Daddy-O's Grill, McDonalds, Blimpie, Charley's Place, Paesano Italian Cuisine


Any powdered drink is not allowed unless you're buying the water for it on venue.
You are allowed to bring in food, but it can't be snack food such as chips/sweets/etc 
Buy drinks and snacks on site and support the venue that allows us to hold the event.  





11:00am - Location Opens

12:00am - Casuals start
02:00pm - BlazBlue start
04:00pm - GuiltyGear start
06:00pm - SFV start



-----LIVE STREAM-----

Events will be live streamed on all of the following services:





Organizational Fee*: $5 per player

Tournament Entry Fee: $5 per player per game

When participating in multiple games, the organization fee is still only paid once.  


*The organizational fee goes towards the venue to help pay for things like AC and toilet paper and to AZHP Gaming to help make purchases to improve our services for the community.




Ranbat stands for "Ranking Battle" which is a series of tournaments that each give points to winners that counts towards an overall season. In each individual tournament, $1 of the $5 entry fee will go to the overall season's pot and the remaining $4 will go to that particular tournament's pot. At the end of each event, the top 8 players will be awarded points based on the point distribution listed below and the top 3 players will win the individual tournament pot. This will repeat for each tournament in the season while players accumulate more points. At the end of the season, the top 5 players with the most points will be the winners of the overall season, and win the season tournament pot and any trophy or additional prizes from our sponsors.




2017-01-28 - AZHP FGC Ranbats v3.1
2017-02-04 - Undefeated AZ

2017-02-11 - AZHP FGC Ranbats v3.2

2017-02-25 - AZHP FGC Ranbats v3.3

2017-03-11 - AZHP FGC Ranbats v3.4


*Dates and locations are subject to change if we are contracted to provide gaming at a major event 




1st place - 60% of individual pot

2nd place - 30% of individual pot

3rd place - 10% of individual pot




1st place - 45% of season pot

2nd place - 25% of season pot

3rd place - 15% of season pot

4th place - 10% of season pot

5th place - 5% of season pot




1st place - 7 points

2nd place - 5 points

3rd place - 4 points

4th place - 3 points

5th place - 2 points

7th place - 1 points





All tournaments are double elimination

Main Tourneys:

Street Fighter V - PS4
2/3 games, Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3/5 games
Loser can switch character

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- - PS4
2/3 games, Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3/5 games
Loser can switch character

BlazBlue Central Fiction - PS4
2/3 games, Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3/5 games
Loser can switch character

Contact us with additional questions via social media if you are unclear about rule specifics

Controllers/Arcade Sticks:
We have Eightarc arcade sticks with parts from Paradise Arcade Shop and PS3/PS4 PCBs from Brook that any participant is free to use.
Do keep in mind these are in limited quantities, so we suggest if you have your own controller or arcade stick, please bring it so we can keep the matches moving along at a reasonable pace.
Adapters are legal but MUST be cleared in advance of the event so that we may do proper research to determine whether the adapter could cause any issues.
Brook converters are legal as long as they are fully updated. If a converter times out because it's not updated you will be DQd the round and asked to find an alternative method to finish the games and remainder of tournament.
We will not have controllers on site. If you want to use a controller, you must bring one. If you don't own a controller of the console we're playing on, contact us in advance via social media site of choice and we may be able to bring one to loan you for the day. 


If you want to bring a headset to listen to the game, we'll have TM1 tournament mixers that allow both players to hear the game in good quality available for use on 4 of the stations. Any standard 3.5mm cable (3 pole or 4 pole if has built in mic) will work properly.