Gaming Area Rules and Information


General Rules and Information

--BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL EQUIPMENT AND FELLOW GAMERS! This is a key. Don't bash your fists into an arcade stick. Don't throw down a controller. etc etc
If we see you being disrespectful to the equipment or other attendees, we do have the right to banish you from the gaming area (and other AZHP Video Gaming areas at future events)
Be especially respectful to the ARCADE STICKS and ROCK BAND EQUIPMENT as it's EXPENSIVE equipment that we don't want to replace and/or fix after every event

--DO NOT HANDLE THE MONITORS/TVS, GAMING SYSTEMS, PCS OR GAMES BY YOURSELF! If you need assistance, ask one of the AZHP Gaming Staff for assistance. We do not care how experienced you are or how long you have been gaming. Everything you see in the gaming room is either privately owned by the staff members themselves or is owned by AZHP and is only to be handled by AZHP Gaming staff so if something is broken we are responsible.

--Food and Drinks are permitted on a limited basis.
Drinks in bottles with screw caps are encouraged.
Do not set open air drinks (such as canned soda) near any gaming equipment.

--Pick up after yourself! If you have food/drink/trash, DO NOT LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR OR TABLES! There will always be at least 1 trash can in the area.

--There will be an occasional rated M for Mature game in the gaming room that may include profanity, sexual references and other age 13+ or 17+ material. In the past, we have refused children the chance to play such games as Grand Theft Auto 4 and Mortal Kombat II and we will attempt to continue that, but there is no substitute for parental control and we are not responsible for keeping an eye on your child and babysitting him/her from M rated material in the AZHP Gaming area.

--If you need any assistance or need to report a problem or issue, please inform AZHP Gaming Staff immediately.


Input Latency/Lag Information

When connecting video gaming consoles to LCD TVs/Monitors via the standard Composite/Component/HDMI cables, there will be input lag. This is a prominent concern when playing fighting games with combos that require 1 frame (16 milliseconds) links (Such as Super Street Fighter IV) and music games with high difficulty and/or high speed (Such as DDR and Rock Band) 
There are several ways to minimize input lag including using:

1 - Commercial quality, real time latency monitor that as would be used in a hospital (which can cost thousands more than a retail monitor of the same size) 
2 - Tube CRT TVs, (which don't have high resolutions and are difficult to store and ship)
3 - Specific lagless retail monitors such as the ASUS VH236H 
4 - VGA connections on standard LCD TVs/Monitors using a converter.

Every video gaming console system AZHP has in the Video Gaming Room with an LCD TV/Monitor uses either VGA connection or is played on an ASUS VH236H

Each PS2 and Wii system uses an HD BOX PRO.
The 360 system running Ikaruga and occasionally the 360 systems running Halo/Gears/CoD use a XBOX 360 VGA Cable

All of these are highly recommended by hardcore gamers around the world who play time sensitive games such as fighting games, (Tekken/Street Fighter/BlazBlue etc) music games (DDR, Guitar Hero, Beatmania) and others.
Any research on these products will show high recommendations and have been tested fairly rigorously.
They are not completely lagless, but the lag is minimal if used on most monitors.

AZHP can proudly say we run our video game tournaments at a minimum lag on LCDs (no more than 3 milliseconds to 14milliseconds) and are all within tournament standards.


Casual Gaming Rotation

If you're playing a competitive game and you lose, be considerate by looking around you and offering the controller/arcade stick to someone else.
If you'd like to play a game that others are already playing, make sure you say "I GOT NEXT!"

If an attendee refuses to give up the controller after a reasonable period of time, PLEASE let an AZHP Gaming Staff member know and we'll take care of it.
DO NOT FIGHT over game time and DO NOT COMPLAIN/WHINE that you didn't get to play later because of a controller hog.
We cannot and will not keep track of how long each individual person plays at a specific station or put up "timers" on 20+ stations around the video gaming room.