AZHP Video Gaming section with a load of information

The VIDEO GAMING menu is now up and fully updated. Look for it on the left hand side of this website.

It features:

EQUIPMENT AND GAMES area that lists what setups we have available to provide at events and conventions.
EVENT HISTORY section that shows what events and conventions we have provided video gaming for in the past.
PRICING section for convention and event organizers to get an example of how much it would cost to bring us out to their event.
GENERAL RULES section that explains general rules for the video gaming area or room we run.
TOURNAMENT RULESETS area that will fully explain the details and conditions of the tournament process and rules for each individual tournament game.
TOURNAMENT RESULTS list which is now currently updated with the results from every event we did tournaments for in 2010.
The results area will be updated with the results of each event and convention within weeks of the event's final day in 2011 and forward.