AZHP Gaming is a business that provides various video gaming services for both casual and competitive video gamers. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, AZHP Gaming was founded in 2006 by a big nerd Frank “FrankCastleAZ” Harrelson who grew up in arcades and hobby shops and loves providing a social gaming atmosphere to fellow humans.

Services provided include:

– Tournament/Event Organization
We’ve run video gaming at over 200 events in the Southwest US since 2006. This includes anime conventions, comic conventions, gaming conventions, university events, library events, charity events, midnight launches, and many more. Check the PAST EVENTS section for a full list of our past events.

– Providing Rental Equipment
Loaning equipment is something we do for some of our friends in the local competitive communities when they are running an event such as a major, mini-major, regional, etc. We have a ton of equipment from low latency gaming monitors to current day consoles with competitive games updated with DLC.

– Broadcasting/Streaming
We’ve streamed and/or recorded thousands of videos from our events over the years including tournament footage for the AZ FGC (Fighting Game Community), console and PC shooters, sports games, puzzle games, and much more. Check the PAST EVENTS section for links to the tournament footage from previous events.

– Creating Original Video Productions
From writing scripts, lighting, filming, and editing, getting creative with video is fun! We enjoy producing various types of video media including gameplay comedy, reviews, tech projects, vlogs and more. Check the MEDIA section to see what we’ve made!

– Customizing/Modifying Gaming Hardware
We like fixing, customizing, and maintaining video gaming hardware such as arcades, arcade sticks, Japanese rhythm game controllers, handheld consoles, and home consoles. Over the years we’ve gained some notoriety for our projects, equipment, and expertise.

– Retail Game/Accessory Sales
It’s not a huge selection like you see at video game stores quite yet, but we have a good selection of PC and console games and accessories for sale.
We focus on quality for the collector market. We won’t sell most games without the official case, and most games are CIB (Complete In Box).
If a disc is below a certain quality level, we won’t sell it. Games are cleaned, tested, and bagged. Pricing stickers never go directly on an item, but on the bag.