New website

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 3rd major iteration of the AZHP Gaming website. There’s still a few things that need to be updated, so pardon the dust.

Our 2006 website was coded sloppily in HTML with Dreamweaver (anyone remember that?), but we had a decked out phpbb2 forum that was one of the main hubs of Arizona geeks into anime, comics, cosplay, and video gaming until the rise of Facebook 2008-2010.

In 2011 we used Joomla integrated with our forum database after experimenting with Drupal and although it served it’s purpose well and had a lot of content, it was looking stale and didn’t work well on mobile.

Now it’s 2018 and it’s time for a fresh content management system.

RIP old sites.

I’m excited to continue to work hard and provide fun, positive, social video gaming experiences to all.

Frank “FrankCastleAZ” Harrelson